Built from relative workshop expirience to fit everything what skydiver needs. Reliable, functional, safe and comfortable — developed and tested in according to USA FAA TSO C23c certificate No. 2/3-06-0045/2006-0005 Civil Aviation Directorate of Serbia

ETX 505
ETX 505


Details about harness / container system

New Production Facility

Novi proizvodni prostor

Type Certificate


  • small
  • medium
  • large
  • X large
  • VGH (2-4 points, adjustible ADJ (2-4 points)

SkySport H/C parts

  • Main riser (set of 2)
  • Main bag (any size)
  • H/D PCH standard bridle
  • H/D PCH kill line bridle
  • Reserve free bag & bridle (any size)
  • Reserve PCH spring loaded/baloon type
  • Soft toggles (set of 2) velcro/velcroless
  • Reserve metal D ripcord
  • Cutaway handle
  • Elastic free bag loop
  • Main/reserve closing loop

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